What’s New — 10 Foods That Can Fell You

10FoodsRemember the great Cronut calamity of 2013? More than 150 unsuspecting CNE visitors ended their day at the fair feeling fairly ill after noshing on the deep-fried doughnut-croissant concoction, which turned out to be contaminated with the staphylococcus aureus toxin. What about the 2008 deadly deli outbreak of listeria, traced to Maple Leaf Foods that sickened dozens and killed 12? Or the spinach scare of 2006 that infected hundreds with E. coli? Or the mad cow menace of a decade ago? Canada has one of the best food safety records in the world, but, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, every year nearly four million of us are felled by food poisoning. I’ve listed the 10 most common in my first piece for Yahoo!, here (or click on the icon above).

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