What’s New — What it’s Like Living With Alzheimer’s Disease

AlzheimersIn the 2014 movie Still Alice, Julianne Moore plays a prominent linguistics professor diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. After leaving her position at Columbia University and struggling with how to live with the disease, she gives a moving speech at a conference in which she explains what it’s like by saying, in part, “Our strange behaviour, our fumbled sentences changes others’ perceptions of who we are and our perception of ourselves. We’ve become ridiculous, comic. But this is not who we are. This is our disease.” Somewhere in that strange behaviour and fumbled words, she is still herself. So are the 747,000 Canadians living with this progressive brain disease, echoed in the Alzheimer Society of Canada’s current campaign, Still Here, and so are the three people I profiled for my latest story in Yahoo! Click here or on the icon above to read their inspiring stories.

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