What’s New — Meet the Raptors’ SuperFan!

There’s the fan, there’s the super fan, and then there’s “The Superfan.” Scan the stands at any Raptors’ game and you’ll see the typical fan cheering the play. The super fan, on the other hand, is on his feet, horn blowing, fist pumping, placard waving. Then check out the courtside seats: there’s The Superfan, Nav Bhatia, a blinged-out brown guy in a turban and beard, jeering and gesturing at the players, the coaches and the refs. Rather than take offence, the team takes time to shake the man’s hand. Some will even dine with him after the game. How did an unassuming Indian immigrant score entrance to such a rarified club? Click on the icon above or here to read all about him for my latest piece in Raptors Magazine.

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