Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts

I was the editor for a decade of the auto club magazine Westworld, which comprised four separate editions covering the four western provinces. I assigned and managed writers and photographers, oversaw the design and production, edited stories, maintained a budget, chaired meetings, liaised with corporate clients, as well as wrote feature stories for the magazine. An avid traveler before helming Westworld, I was fortunate that the position offered many more opportunities to add more foreign stamps to my passport (totalling 60 countries on six continents).

Following my tenure at Westworld, I took a trip of a different sort, as the editor of TV Week Magazine for five years, where I not only directed the look and content of the publication, I also managed writers and photographers, oversaw the design and production, edited stories, maintained a budget, and chaired meetings. As a member of the Television Critics Association, twice a year I traveled to Los Angeles to cover the new TV season, where I interviewed and wrote about actors, directors, writers and producers. Once a year I attended a similar convention for Canadian television in Toronto.

Just over a decade ago I traded the corporate world for the freelance life, writing for publications as vast and varied as TV Guide, Reader’s Digest, People Magazine, Maclean’s Magazine, Emmy Magazine, Hello!, Marketing Magazine, Best Health Magazine, Canadian Living Magazine, BC Magazine, Rogers’ Connected Magazines, the Globe and Mail, National Post, Vancouver Lifestyles, Business in Vancouver, Vancouver Sun and Province, Yahoo!, The Leafs Magazine, The Raptors Magazine, and numerous other newspapers and magazines. To follow my work on Yahoo! and Rogers, please go to my dedicated pages for each, Yahoo! and Rogers.

For details of my work history, please click the Resume link. To read glowing references, click on the Resume and References link. To read a selection of my work, click on the sectioned topic links in the menu bar. To read about (or buy!) my book, Adventures in Pet-Sitting, go to Amazon or Smashwords. To hire me to write just about anything, please email me at: rrobertswords@gmail.com





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