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5 Trends to Watch in 2014 – The young and the restless predict the future

By Robin Roberts

Instead of posting his own predictions for 2014, Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local, a social media marketing firm, and New York Times best-selling author and one of the most–read Influencers on LinkedIn, asked leaders from The Young Entrepreneur Council for their take on trends in business and technology for 2014. Here are 5 of the most intriguing. (For more, go here.)

  1. Remote Work

“Companies don’t need to always look local for talent . . . they can access very specific talent headquartered anywhere. The technology is available that allows your team to work remotely almost as effectively as if they were in the office.” – Dave Nevogt, co-founder,

  1. Home Technology

“One of the most exciting trends in the home–improvement industry is the “Internet of Things” technology – home automation, interconnected appliances, etc. There is a huge opportunity for innovators to really change the way we live in our homes.” – Matt Ehrlichman, CEO, Porch

  1. Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

“With more data available than ever and increasing cases of service providers or government agencies sharing private information, privacy-enhancing technologies are growing in importance, and 2014 will be a pivotal year for them.” — Phil Chen, co-founder/principle systems architect, Givit

  1. Companies with Personality

“The trend is favouring companies that have personality more than the traditional, faceless corporation. Companies that make an extra effort to grow with purpose, lead with transparency and make customer experience the central focus of their business will lead in 2014.” – Charles Gaudet, founder, Predictable Profits

  1. Online Education

“You can learn to do just about anything online these days, from coding to cooking. Best of all, the platforms have become sophisticated, and now make it easy and fun to learn.” — Dustin Lee, co-founder, Playbook