What’s New – Company Benefits

walmMost workers are aware their company covers prescription drugs and extended health care, but many more don’t realize they could opt into stocks and bonds, pension plans, even employee assistant benefits that could cover everything from gym memberships, yoga classes, smoking cessation aids, even psychology fees, as well as many other wellness programs. To find out what you may have been missing, click on the icon above or here to read more in my latest story for Walmart’s Live Better Magazine.

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What’s New — Scamless Low-Interest Loans?

creditTechnology is revolutionizing almost every facet of our lives, so it’s no surprise financial technology, or FinTech, is seeing a surge in interest. One of the more promising aspects of the industry lies in digital lending companies, which offer the potential for those who owe to dig their way out of high-interest debt. And to its credit, Toronto-based Borrowell has been at the forefront of the sector in Canada. To learn more about how (and how you can check your own credit score), click here or on the icon above to read my latest piece for Rogers Business.

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What’s New — Animal Senses

animalsenseIn addition to a highly tuned olfactory system, cats and dogs out-rank us in sight, sound, taste and sense. But since they refuse to explain exactly why that is, I turned to a couple of experts for insight. Their answers were fascinating and surprising. To find out why Fido doesn’t flee the smoke from your burning toast or how Fluffy knows your number is up, click here or on the icon above to read all about it in my latest story for Yahoo!

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What’s New — Switching Gears with Mary Chong

gearsMary Chong and her brother Henry grew up around sewing machines as their parents ran a small garment business out of their Hong Kong home. As adults in their adopted Canada, the siblings also became creators, not of clothing but of software. Then, switching gears, Henry designed and developed an electric bike, bringing his sister on board once the company, Revelo, was on a roll. Click here or on the image above to read more about the Chongs and their revolutionary e-bike for my latest piece in Rogers’ Connected For Business Magazine.

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What’s New — Enabling the Disabled

enablingMore than a billion people around the world live with some form of disability, and more than half of them are unemployed. Life can be challenging and downright frustrating, but thankfully innovative new tech solutions can ease the strain for those with vision, audio, speech and mobility issues. To find out some of the more intriguing ways, click here or on the icon above to read my latest story for Connected Rogers Magazine.

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What’s New — Lucky Iron Fish

FishFour years ago, Gavin Armstrong was studying commerce at the University of Guelph, eyeing a career in banking. Two things happened, however, that would change the course of the budding financier. First, field study in rural Africa, his first time outside Canada, exposed him to abject poverty; and second, he heard about a fellow student’s efforts in Cambodia to stem anemia, a chronic problem in developing nations. His eyes and mind wide open, Armstrong shifted from cash and capital to social entrepreneurship and, in the process, became enriched in ways he’d never imagined. To find out more about this iron man and the simple way he’s helped reduce anemia around the world, click here or on the icon above to read my latest story for Rogers Connected For Business.

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What’s New — Lots in Translation

TranslationIt’s hard not to get lost in the narrow, winding streets of a city like Venice, but it’s even harder to ask directions when everyone in Italy speaks Italian – and you don’t. But with a nifty translation program, you’ll never be at a loss for (foreign) words. While we wait for Skype Translator to add more platforms – and for the wearable Pilot earpiece next year, which allows for two-language conversation in real time – I tracked down some top translators that talk the talk. Read all about them by clicking here or on the icon above in my latest piece for Connected Rogers.

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